Reading Zootles is even more fun when it’s followed by some tactile play. At Halloween time, kids are often already experimenting in the dark by handling peeled grapes (also known as eyeballs) and cold pasta (also known as worms). Why not channel that interest and  excitement by plunging their little hands into something a little more artistic?

The Spaghetti Ocean, found by scrolling down fairly far on this link, is a delightful way for kids to get squishy and creative at the same time.  Who needs paintbrushes to create a wonderful backdrop for your child’s seal drawing, when you’ve got spaghetti? And it will make a rainy afternoon pass in a flash.

After that, why not create a 3D seal to ride on your spaghetti waves? Don’t have any dough or modeling clay? Not a problem! Making dough to play with and mold is half the fun. Check the recipe here.

We’d love to see how your child’s creations turn out–we’d be delighted if you posted them for us on Facebook. Until then, happy squishing!