The Los Angeles Zoo sometimes mirrors what we do here at Zoobooks–in that they want people to offer accurate, bite-size information that encourages people to continue learning and caring about animals. Check out their long list of wild and weird critters (ever heard of a sichuan takin?) for which they offer short one to three minute audio stories.

If you’re looking for something with a wider social reach, we suggest you or your children may want to email a postcard from the zoo, personalized with your own message. And when you’re ready for just plain fun, kids and adults alike can try their very well done Creature Concentration game, where users are challenged to match up animal pictures at their own leisurely pace–but also have the chance to top themselves at every new round of the game.

If you have been to this Zoo of the Month, we hope you will let us know your experience there–what is your favorite feature of the Los Angeles Zoo?