Okay, your new Nocturnal Animals issue of Zoobooks has arrived, and you are happily finding answers to all your nighttime animal questions, such as how do these critters see–and even fly–in the dark?

But once you’ve settled in, and learned the latest about whiskers, echolocation, rods, and the tapetum, you may be ready to stalk the night in an entirely different manner–in a way that very simply appreciates the diversity and beauty of lots of nocturnal animals.

Zoobooks can’t cover them all–there just isn’t room. So check here to see and learn about the galago, hermit crabs, and other animals that turn their unusual adaptations into real nighttime advantages. And because we are always looking to serve you better, we hope you will “blog us back” and let us know about any night animals you’d like to see in future editions of Nocturnal Animals. Happy stalking!