Get ready to take Zoobooks with you wherever you go! The new Zoobooks app for iPad and iPhone will be coming to the app store this December.

This new app is a great addition to Zoobooks magazines. Children ages four to six will enjoy collecting animal stickers of the same high-quality illustrations in our magazines. They can create their very own jungle scene by placing the stickers anywhere on the background of their choice.

The fun doesn’t end there. Children can tap on stickers to find out more information about the animals and hear what they sound like. You can even create your own sound to play over the animal! Once they are finished, kids can email their creations to friends or family members.

The first app out in December will teach kids all about the animals of the rain forest. Additional expansion packs will be available in the future to provide more animals and backgrounds for children to explore. The app will also feature exciting interactive games and more!

With this new Zoobooks app, you will have the whole animal kingdom in your pocket!