There’s no better way to see the animals in this month’s issue of Zoobooks than at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. The Kingdoms of the Night exhibit is the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit where visitors can see nocturnal animals in their natural habitats.

Kingdoms of the Night is separated into sections, each representing a different environment. The first is a canyon area that includes naked mole rats, fossa and fishing cats. Visitors then venture into the African diorama where children can stand inside a Baobab tree and watch the sky change from dusk to evening. The African diorama also shows how several species, such as aardvarks, meerkats and greater bush babies, interact.

Visitors make their way through the wet cave surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites dripping into a pit 16 feet deep. This pit is actually home to such unique animals as blind cave fish, axolotl and crayfish. Hundreds of bats fly around a large bat cave. The rare Japanese salamander can also be found in the wet cave.

Travel through the Eucalyptus Forest and explore the Australian night life, like Parma wallabies and tawny frogmouths. Crocodiles, turtles and fish can be seen swimming in the stream. Take a deep breath. The eucalyptus trees are well-preserved to maintain their aroma.

With 160,000 gallons and stretching over 1/4 of an acre, you can’t miss the world’s largest indoor swamp. Take a stroll across the floating boardwalk. The swamp also features a Trapper’s Cabin, a beaver lodge, cypress trees and 30 animal species in barrier free habitats.

The learning never ends once you’re done with your issue of Zoobooks. If you’re in the Omaha area, go out and explore the Kingdoms of the Night at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. It will enlighten you about some of nature’s most mysterious creatures.