The holiday season is almost here, a time for family and celebrations. However, the holiday season is not just about giving gifts. It is also about giving back. Here are several ways you can start supporting that inspirational wildlife cause today.

  • Conservation organizations – Conservation is one of the most pressing and important issues concerning wildlife today. There are organizations that work to protect land and water habitats around the world. Some organizations are dedicated to protecting animals and natural habitats in certain regions. Other organizations work to protect a specific animal or species from extinction.
  1. The Nature Conservancy – The Nature Conservancy is probably one of the most well-known conservation organizations in the world. Since its establishment in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide. There are several ways to get involved with The Nature Conservancy. You can make a donation or become a member. You can also support specific programs with your donations, such as adopting an acre or coral reef, planting trees or protecting migratory birds.
  2. Defenders of Wildlife – Founded in 1947, Defenders of Wildlife works to preserve the native animal species and natural habitats in the United States. Support Defenders of Wildlife by donating or becoming a member. There are also many organizations that work to protect wildlife in specific regions of the world. You can find one in your area to support or support one halfway across the globe!
  3. Save Tigers Now – If you’ve read the latest issue of Zoobies, you know that tigers are beautiful and magnificent creatures. However, the number of tigers in the wild has drastically declined in the past 100 years. The World Wildlife Fund has set up Save Tigers Now, an effort to protect the world’s tiger population. You can donate to support antipoaching efforts (the main reason for the population decline) and save tiger habitats.
  • Get involved today – Here are a few ways you can get directly involved with the protection of wildlife and their habitats today.
  1. Volunteer at a shelter – Volunteering at animal shelters can be a wonderful family activity. You can walk, groom and play with pets, or provide transportation for animals that need to see the veterinarian. Call your local shelter today to see how your whole family can get started!
  2. Make your backyard safe – Animals are forced to live in closer proximity with humans due to urban development and the destruction of their natural habitats. Make your backyard safer for animals by limiting your use of toxic pesticides.
  3. Fight animal overpopulation – Unfortunately, every year between six and eight million cats and dogs enter shelters in the U.S. If your family is looking for a pet, adopt a pet from an animal shelter to cut down on animal overpopulation.
  4. Reduce, reuse, recycle – Conserving our earth is as much about protecting animals as it is protecting the landscape. Pollution is a big threat to animal populations. Reduce your use of disposable products, like plates and cups. Use reusable shopping bags at stores. Always recycle glass, paper, plastic and aluminum products.
  5. Share your enthusiasm for wildlife – If you are passionate about wildlife and nature, learn as much as you can and pass on that knowledge to others. Encourage them to learn more about nature and get involved with wildlife conservation. Your passion for wildlife will inspire others to follow your lead!

The holiday season is a very inspirational time to get involved with your favorite wildlife charities and causes, but these issues need your support all year round. Continue to support a cause you are passionate about even when the holidays are over.