Your latest Zoobooks issue, Gorillas, is just going in the mail now, and should be reaching you in about a week. To whet your appetite for these gentle giants, we would like to introduce you to the Zoobooks “Zoo of the Month”–the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts. This zoo is a leader in gorilla conservation and education, and we are particularly intrigued by their efforts to involve both children and adults in making gorillas a personal priority.

What better way to get personal than to meet the gorillas? The Franklin Park website not only offers personal introductions to all the individual gorillas in their collection, but gives users the opportunity to see which gorilla personality most closely matches their own.  Have you ever had to tell the kids to quit monkeying around at the dinner table? This will give that statement a whole new meaning! (Even though gorillas are apes, not monkeys, right?)

Kids can even print out trading cards representing their different gorilla friends, which can help spread the word even further that gorillas need our help. Maybe the cards can even be used as a bookmark when your Gorillas issue arrives!