We can’t suggest it, but we’ve heard there are people who snorkel with seals for up-close, personal encounters. They say there is nothing like have a curious seal come up to meet you eyeball-to-eyeball–even though seals may gently nibble on you or your gear to try and figure you out.

Seals are not easy to chase, however–they can swim about 20 mph, and can be very acrobatic in the water. Swimming is a talent they master instinctively–all newborn seals can slip into the sea knowing how to hold their breath and swim. In our current Zootles issue, Seals, there is a colorful four page story that helps early learners imagine what it must be like to be a young seal as compared to a young child. Conquering swimming, learning to eat adult food, and the hard work of growing bigger and stronger are all natural to young pinnipeds. Some of that will sound familiar to young Zootles readers, too–but as the story ends, we see that maybe the thing that young seals and young children have most in common is their warm reliance on their mothers!