We can introduce children to books from birth–and books, in turn, can help introduce them to the world. The current issue of our baby/toddler magazine, Zoobies, is all about tigers. This issue starts off by offering all the baby-sized nuggets of tiger information that you might expect, clearly and enticingly–and then it launches parent and child into some “wild” interactive encounters.

Punch out the very simplistic puzzle pieces in the back, and help your little one create a tiger face.  In another few minutes, you can bend a tiger-copter into shape, and have it flying from the sky in no time.  Go online to Zoo Tube to see real-life tigers in action.  And don’t forget to peruse the “Zoobies + You” pages, which not only offer fun and easy ways to help your child imitate (and better empathize!) with tigers, but have lots of suggestions for incorporating all your new found tiger knowledge into protecting the earth during everyday tasks.  All this, and you’ll find we’ve slipped in some “they’ll-never-notice” preparation for language and math skills that will be useful in later years, too.

And yet, possibly one of the most endearing features of Zoobies Tigers is the way the young reader is made a part of the issue’s narrative. When the tiger stretches, they stretch. When the tiger leaps, they leap. Dramatic fold out pages demonstrate that tigers–and little people–have a variety of eye colors, and the photography there is likely to grab and hold a baby’s attention like nothing else.

If you are a Zoobies subscriber, we’d like to hear what appeals to you most about this magazine, and what features you’d love to see expanded.  We want to make sure children have the best start possible in learning about and loving animals, and we appreciate your help.