ZooWho: Get the Jungle To Go!

Start the New Year with a pocket full of wild animals. They’ll be ready to entertain your kids whenever you need to: at a restaurant, in the car, waiting in line at the store. And while they are playing, they will also be learning about the jungle and the animals that live there. All you need is an iPhone or iPad; click here to learn more and download ZooWho.

ZooWho starts with a jungle setting. We plan to add new environments and animals. Join in at the start of the ZooWho and keep trekking as we take the animal adventures to habitats around the world. 

We worked with the Inkstone team to develop ZooWho. Among their many talents, Inkstone developers specialize in mobile apps for education. Inkstone gave ZooWho life within their Storyboards concept, which was forged in many educational arenas. Inkstone came to us with cutting-edge applications experience and a deep commitment to educational activities for kids. It didn’t hurt that they loved animals too.

So try out ZooWho and let us know how you like it. Your suggestions will help shape the new environments of ZooWho and even more wild learning fun!