Many Zootles readers are already enjoying their Animal Babies issue, which is starting to arrive in homes now.  One of the concepts covered in this issue–“awake and asleep”–is not only a perfect fit for that post-holiday exhaustion, but a great opportunity for hands-on experience when it comes to trying to stay awake on New Year’s Eve.

There are a lot of other hands-on games and activities that will drive home the subject of animal babies, and increase a child’s appreciation for animals in general. One that pairs well with Zootles is a baby mix and match game, where a parent downloads some delightful pictures of both habitats and young animals for the child to cut out with blunt-edged scissors. Mix up the cut pieces, and see if your child can decide which animals go in which habitat. It’s not only an opportunity for learning, but a chance to be silly, too. (Does a kangaroo belong in a tree?)

Remember, also, that Zootles can educate and entertain even when you’re not there to help your child over the more difficult words. Try our audio book version of this issue, which can be downloaded onto your ipod or other compatible device. Your little one will build confidence reading through the issue in total independence!