A toddler would never know that exploring the many uses of an elephant’s trunk develops language skills, or that counting an elephant’s toes increases cognitive ability. But the truth is that reading Zoobies Elephants is about much more than–well, reading.

Absorbing facts is always good, but connecting and applying them is even better. Don’t stop with a simple read of this issue: we suggest putting it into action. When elephants march, we can march, too. When elephants yell, so can we. And the fun can be taken far beyond this issue’s pages. To start you off, explore our web page with full instructions on how your baby can eat the way an elephant eats. You’ll discover, or rediscover, that everything your little one learns is better retained when reinforced by experience.

So which is it–is Zoobies a great opportunity for cuddly together time, building a love of books and reading–or is it a chance for learning adventure? If you say both, we’re right there with you.