The International Rhino Foundation has found an excellent way to tap into kids’ interest in helping animals: they make it incredibly fun, and slip in the learning when no one is looking!

First, kids are empowered to help the very endangered Javan rhino by learning every fascinating thing about them (for example, did you know rhino mothers are pregnant for 15-16 months?), and spreading this information not only to their community, but to their lawmakers as well, so that rhinos are further protected.

Then the fun shifts into high gear: kids are encouraged to create their own savannah, print out rhino silhouettes to compare species sizes and shapes, and assemble their own group of rhinos (called a crash of rhinos) out of origami. There are informational trading cards, too, and even a footprint sample. Schools or other groups are provided with ideas for additional fund raising and support. In short, The International Rhino Foundation takes up where your Zoobooks Rhinos issue leaves off. We would like to hear from you if anyone in your home or school pursues active conservation for rhinos. It’s important that we encourage each other and share our stories.