Zoobooks Orangutans are swinging into homes this week and next. If you aren’t a subscriber, they are hanging out at Barnes and Noble and other select newsstands or order one at www.zoobooks.com.

In Zoobooks Orangutans your young explorers will discover the anatomy of the red ape as only Zoobooks reveals it. They’ll learn why orangutans with arms one-and-a-half times longer than their legs are well suited to the canopy of the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

They’ll find a comparison of human and orangutan skeletons and fascinating parallels like humans and orangutans both have 32 teeth, unique fingerprints, and males of each species grow beards.

They will also see how orangutan mothers care for their babies high above the forest floor for up to ten years. Along with spectacular photos of orangutan social behavior including eating, playing, sleeping and nesting.

Of course, they will also learn that orangutan habitat is quickly disappearing due to logging for timber and palm oil plantations. In future blogs, we’ll share information on the efforts to save these beautiful animals and how you and your children can help.

But for now, watch for your postal carrier because Zoobooks Orangutans is swinging your way!