The Zootles Fun Pages have changed a little in recent issues. There are still a couple of interactive sheets that encourage a preschooler to pick up a pencil and explore the concepts featured in the issue–and there are still a couple of care-giver pages devoted to deeper background on the animal and to fun games and activities–but they have changed location!

Some of them are still found bound into the center of your Zootles issue, but even more can be found ready for easy downloading on our website. What are the advantages to this? First off, it’s a huge help to parents with more than one Zootles reader. No more arguments about who gets to mark up the fun pages! It also keeps the parent-oriented pages from getting lost once they’ve been detached from the magazine. After you’ve used them to guide you through an activity, it’s nice to know you can repeat the fun without having to hunt for anything. And you also have the satisfaction of knowing that any pages you choose to read rather than print have saved just a little bit more of our environment.

The current issue, Animal Babies, offers activities with terrific lessons on camouflage (Teddy bear hide and seek), counting (How many polar bear babies can you find?), tips on getting a very awake child to sleep, and much, much more. Which activity did your little one respond to best?