“…listening to audiobooks can successfully promote a reading habit and create a lifelong reader.” Dr. Denise Marchionda, AudioFile Magazine

If you are a Zootles fan for children ages 2 to 6, then you already know that reading out loud to childern is a powerful way to create lifelong readers. And similarly, audio books, played while a child follows along with the book, provide an excellent bridge to reading. To learn more click here to read Dr. Marchionda’s article about the power of audio books for children.

The latest Zootles Animal Babies audio book is available FREE for downloading or streaming at www.zoobooks.com/audio. With Zootles audio books your young animal lover can enjoy each issue over and over, even at times when you can’t read it to them, like in the car or before dinner. By following the text with the audio, your child will be developing important reading skills. We hope you enjoy Zootles audio books with every issue.