What features would you like to see in an interactive digital version of Zootles or Zoobooks magazines? Mulling over how Zootles and Zoobooks magazines can read on an iPad or other electronic readers, there are lots of options. So many, in fact, that we need your help. Please share your thoughts on this blog or our Facebook page.

Some possibilities to prime the brain pump:

Zootles: Combine the audio book version of Zootles magazine that is posted every month on the web www.zoobooks.com/audio with the turn-the-page digital Zootles issue www.zoobooks.com/digital-subscription , so in an interactive version kids can turn the pages and hear Zootles read out loud to them. Add a feature where the printed words are highlighted as they are read out loud. Research suggests this can help kids learn to read. And how about a dictionary feature, so kids can always look up what a word means? What else?

Zoobooks: Turn the wonderful anatomy pages in Zoobooks  magazine into a reveal “game” where animals electronically shed their skin to show the muscles and skeletons inside. Kids can go back and forth from skeleton to skin to understand how the anatomical parts fit together. Add a quiz on the different parts of the animal and a pick-up-sticks game where kids “build” the animal skeleton from individual bones. What else?

Add video clips: Zootles and Zoobooks magazines capture and explain the behavior and communication of animals with award-winning photos and captions. Add video clips where kids can see and hear the animals in action.  What else?

Add web links: Zootles and Zoobooks already note websites that offer more information on the animals in each issue. In an interactive version, the links could be live and kids could go right to the site to learn even more. What else?

These are a few ideas for an interactive Zootles and Zoobooks. Again, please post your ideas and, if you don’t think the interactive route is the way to go, let us know that too. Thanks.