One of the great things about Zoobies is how it teaches toddlers to relate to animals. The lift-the-flap pages immediately surprise little ones with examples of how their own habits can parallel an animal’s. In the current issue, Elephants, for example, the picture of the elephant playing in water is followed by the baby playing in the bath. And an elephant herd lovingly circled around a young calf is followed by a little girl being kissed by her parents. The gem in this is that it teaches children empathize with animals, which may carry over into a future where they take active steps to protect and preserve them.

Zoobies even promotes conservation with Mom and Dad right away, without waiting for our little ones to grow big enough to make their own mark in the world. Every issue offers a green tip in the “Zoobies+ You” pages. In Elephants, instructions are included for bypassing synthetic wipes in favor of a home-created, more sweet-smelling way of keeping our babies clean. It’s another example of how more is “caught” than “taught”–a concept Zoobies is happy to facilitate!