We just finished the audio recording for the second habitat for our new ZooWho iPhone/iPad App. The new habitat will feature the African Savanna and include such kid-favorite animals as elephants, zebras and lions among many others.
Like the current ZooWho Jungle, kids will play and learn about African Savanna animals in the ultimate sticker book.  Kids collect and place the animals in different scenes, switch the scenes from day to night, then share their creations with friends and family. The animals roar and trumpet and can be moved around, made bigger or smaller and, unlike paper stickers, can be re-used over and over.
And it’s not just fun, like Zoobies, Zootles and Zoobooks magazines, the idea is for kids to learn as they play. Games such as What’s My Voice and Animal Match interactively teach kids about the diets, communications, and survival strategies of the animals. And in a favorite feature, The Talking Parrot, a parrot repeats everything you say only in a parrot voice!
The new African Savanna habitat should be ready to go any day now. In the meantime, if you haven’t tried ZooWho jungle, go to www.zoobooks.com/fun. As always we welcome your suggestions.