Turkey Vulture Soaring

Zoobooks Birds of Prey hatches activities that can deepen a child’s curiosity for science. After “Making Points” in the issue’s Tear-Out Activity Pages, go to the Secret Jungle at www.zoobooks.com to get the card game “Preying Pairs” and make an owl with “Who? Me?” Remember, the Secret Jungle is just for subscribers, so you’ll need the secret password printed in the Zooworks section of Zoobooks or the inside back cover of Zootles.

Then, let your young learner’s science wings soar at the CornellLab of Ornithology All About Birds website where you can hear the hiss of a turkey vulture or the cry of a red kite. The site has entries for vultures, hawks, eagles and birds of all kinds from all over the world.

But it doesn’t end there. Through the Cornell Ornithology website, join NestWatch, and as spring advances, you and your children can contribute to a nationwide bird nesting study, build a “nesting box,” and keep records on chick development. It’s a bit more than the usual build-a-bird-house project because it adds to scientific knowledge about our nation’s birds.

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