The Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas has an impressive Birds of Prey show, and they want to share a behind-the-scenes look with you. Click on “videos” and choose “Wings of Wonder” to check out all the care and training that goes into these birds. See some impressive behaviors, too, such as a bird “killing” a plastic snake.

Just as in Zoobooks, the goal at Little Rock Zoo is to stimulate interest and encourage learning. The show manager explains her own journey from a person who did not see birds as anything to be taken seriously, to a person who now has an abiding respect for these animals. These descendants of dinosaurs have a great potential to thrill and impress us, and seeing them close-up, whether in video or in person, can only underline that.

Children can spread the word, too, using Little Rock’s ecards, another way to encourage and continue the fun. And for those who are interested, there is a newsletter, too. It’s a great start to conservation, and it’s the perfect complement to this month’s Zoobooks Birds of Prey issue.