You would think that reading a book with a toddler would involve, well, sitting and reading. And it does. But the current Zoobies issue, Animal Babies, is also a powder keg of action.

It’s natural to sit and read and ask your little one, “What does the lion cub say?”  But Zoobies is going to ask “What does the lion cub do?” And in case the answer doesn’t spontaneously spring to mind, the issue has lots of pictures of children demonstrating their best jumping, munching, hopping, and snoring techniques for your youngster to imitate.

Maybe they’ll be inspired to a game of Hide-n-Seek, too.  The lift-the-flap pages reveal delightful little animal babies that are hiding in the plants and grasses. Or they may be so impressed by the funny little animal baby faces–especially the baby chimp holding its cheeks out with its fingers–that they are going to want to pause the reading to create some funny little faces of their own.

Which is all to say that reading this month’s Animal Babies Zoobies will not be a static experience. It will be an adventure that will be new with every turn of the page. We’d enjoy hearing from you, and learning what you liked best about your time with Zoobies.