The latest issue of Zootles to be hitting the newsstands is Butterflies, and you’ll notice from the cover that this title is bent on teaching not only about butterflies, but about the number 8 and the color orange, too.

More subtly, Zootles will sneak in some other concepts, as well. Big and small are contrasted by the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing and the western pygmy blue butterflies; Mari the migrating butterfly describes the changing seasons; and children are called on to see how butterflies are camouflaged or disguised. What else can be pulled out of the parent-child time offered by this issue? The list is pretty endless, and depends on creativity! We’d love to hear what you did with the stinky zebra butterfly on page six, or the delightful poem that is almost a tongue-twister on page eleven. Be sure and let us know!