Penguins may be more suggestive of humans than any other bird. If black-and-white penguin coats can remind us of men in tuxedos, their waddling can remind us of toddlers learning to walk. Do you think little ones identify at all with the deliberate, determined waddle of a penguin?

Maybe the likeness to ourselves is what attracts us to this bird, and makes us eager to deepen the acquaintance. This month’s issue of Zoobies, Penguins, gives the smallest children a lot to relate to. Once they’ve compared their feet to a penguin’s feet, compared their family to a penguin’s family, and seen how their own squawk compares to a penguin squawk, we suggest continuing the adventure at the ZooBorns website, where baby penguins from zoos all over the country are making their first furry, cuddly appearances.

After that, look for opportunities to move like a penguin. Waddle across a room to get a toy. Slide on a smooth surface to grab a snack. Scatter soft pillows on the floor, and then hop like a rockhopper penguin from one pillow to another. Enjoy the penguin life!