Quick, do you have a guess? Because here’s the winner: The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. This zoo not only caters to growing animals, but to growing people, too. They let visitors get up close to the animals, and they offer several kid-friendly rides. But if Florida is too far away to visit, no worries: you can join some delightful meerkats in a rollicking zoo video overview that includes a baby elephant, chimp, monkey, and manatee.

When you’re through, you can take the Lowry Park koala quiz, which will fill you in on growing koalas, too–plus you can follow the zoo’s instructions to create some koala origami, and play an online koala game. Exposing your kids to additional information on animal babies is a great way to round out the fun of this month’s Zoobooks issue, Animal Babies, and”visiting” a zoo is a great lead-in to next month’s issue: Wild Horses. To get a sneak preview of Wild Horses, click here to turn a few pages.