Your latest Zoobies issue, Penguins, is a launching point for fun that can continue long after you’ve finished reading. For example, toddlers often show maternal/paternal interest in babies and animals smaller than themselves, and baby penguins are no exception. Why not have them assign names to the penguins in their issue?

Last year, the new baby penguin at the New England Aquarium was given the name “Pilchard” (which is another word for sardine, the fish penguins love to eat) after 1,664 people sent in their suggestions for a new baby penguin name. It seems a little to us like naming a child “Ice Cream,” but we don’t knock it–we can see how Pilchard may have a nice ring to it. Does it make you want to see if you can do better? What kind of inventive–and entertaining–names would a toddler come up with?

And speaking of baby penguins, we have heard that Prince William and his wife Kate were allowed to adopt a baby penguin as a wedding gift, so we are wondering if they are looking for baby penguin names, too. Maybe they would be open to suggestions!