Did this month’s Zootles Pandas issue leave you and your child longing for more of those adorable giant pandas? If so, you can sign online together and see what’s happening with different pandas across the U.S. With online panda-cams, you can find out how Yun Zi or Gao Gao are doing at the San Diego Zoo, and what little Po is up to at Zoo Atlanta. Is there a baby panda nursing, or playing? Perhaps a mother panda is munching on some bamboo?

You may have noticed in your latest Zootles issue that the San Diego Zoo harvests over 13 tons of bamboo each year to keep its pandas satisfied – that’s a lot of bamboo! This may not come as a surprise when you consider that grown giant pandas eat bamboo for 10-12 hours a day! Did you know that the giant panda isn’t the only animal that eats bamboo? Different parts of the tree, including the leaves, shoots, and stems, serve as major food sources for a variety of other animals, including the raccoon-resembling Red Panda of Nepal, Africa’s Mountain Gorillas, and even some chimpanzees and elephants. Human beings in different areas of the world eat bamboo, too! What does your child think – would bamboo be a yummy mid-day snack, or food better left for animals?