The current issue of Zoobies Turtles gives you and your toddler the opportunity to explore turtles together. One of the most fascinating aspects about turtles – indeed, what sets turtles and tortoises apart from most other animals – is their shells.

Reading through Zoobies Turtles, you probably noticed all the different kinds of turtle shells there are. There are smooth shells and bumpy shells, and shells of all different colors and designs. Some turtles sleep in their shells, and others use their shells as camouflage for protection.

To continue your toddler’s Turtles experience beyond the pages of Zoobies, teach him or her the word “camouflage.” Then, find different places in your house or outside where your child might hide or sleep if she or he was a turtle. What color would their shell have to be to use camouflage in each spot?