In light of the current Zoobooks Wild Horses issue, we’re very excited about El Paso Zoo’s new Przewalski’s Wild Horse exhibit! The Przewalski’s wild horse, commonly referred to as the Mongolian wild horse, was declared extinct by the World Conservation Union in 1970. In 1977, a breeding conservation program was established thanks to the dedication of zoos and other facilities where Przewalski’s horses survived. Now, more than 300 of these horses can be found in the wild in Mongolia, and the species’ status has been elevated from extinct to critically endangered.

The El Paso Zoo is dedicated to conservation education and to helping people connect with the last wild horses in the world, and take action to help them. In 2010, the Zoo joined a global effort to maintain a population of the Przewalski’s wild horse in North America. Now, visitors at the zoo can see the horse up close, and take part in maintaining its existence. Learn more about El Paso Zoo’s Przewalski’s wild horse conservation efforts.