On page 18 of the current issue of Zoobies Turtles, you’ll find a fun turtle poem that can easily be made into a hand game using the instructions at the bottom of the page. Using your thumb, you can illustrate to your child how a turtle pokes his head out of, and back into his shell.

Hand games associated with rhymes are valuable activities that are important to a child’s development and learning. They can assist with developing hand-eye coordination and with a child’s development of fine motor skills. They can also be fun ways to learn about animals! In fact, there are a number of animal-based nursery rhymes that have hand games, or “fingerplays” that go along with them. Some examples are “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “5 Little Monkeys.” For a fun animal activity, try creating your own hand game with your child based on his or her favorite animal.