Have you ever had a child at your house offer to perform all the care-giving for a new pet? The reality of that often turns out to require a little more commitment than the child bargained for. Too bad there isn’t a way to demonstrate that commitment ahead of time! Or is there?

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wants to offer kids the chance to become an online zookeeper. Sure, it sounds easy, but you’ll be surprised at the care they take to make sure kids know what they’re getting into. It starts with the zoo insisting on approving your application before they will even give you your zookeeper test! They want to make sure they are dealing with someone who really cares about animals and will do their best for them. Once you move on to the test, you’ll find it not only informative, but a bit of a hoot.

Beyond the fun, this zoo also works to empower kids to make a difference in animal conservation. They have a strong list of suggestions for activities and lifestyle changes that will help our planet. Like Zoobooks, they want to see kids learn and grow, so that they can one day take the lead in saving animals.