We’re at that time of year when we might look at the dark and spooky sky to make sure there aren’t any ghosts floating around, even though we know better. At the Georgia Aquarium, however, we can guarantee you’ll see something big and white floating around.

The good news is, it’s not a ghost. It’s a beluga whale.

The beluga is not the Great White Whale of Moby Dick fame, but it is similarly intriguing. Like dolphins, beluga whales seem to have a perpetual smile, and their color–or lack of it–gives their bodies a very doughy look. The Georgia Aquarium kindly offers a terrific “Beluga Cam” so we can watch the antics of these playful mammals whether or not we are ever able to travel to Georgia, or to Artic waters, where these whales live in the wild. Did you know their closest relative is the narwhal–the whale with the long unicorn-like horn sprouting from its forehead? Because of their high-pitched twitter, belugas are known as the canaries of the sea.

Enjoy all the whale information on the Georgia Aquarium website as a complement to your current Zoobooks Whales issue. Feel free to share with us what you’ve learned!