All turtles can pull their heads inside their shells, right? Nope! Some species can’t pull their head, arms, or legs inside at all. But of those that CAN, our favorite might be the turtles that have “hinged” doors–the ones that can not only cozy up inside, but can shut up their shells so nothing can come in after them.

Zootles Turtles demonstrates that turtles come in three different types: sea turtles, freshwater turtles, and tortoises. Tortoises are the ones that live exclusively on land. Sea turtles are the ones that can’t pull their heads inside their shells. Freshwater turtles are the turtles that can survive the winter motionless beneath a frozen pond.

So, are turtles reptiles, or amphibians? They’re reptiles! This means they are cold-blooded. They spend a lot of time moving between warm spots and cool spots to make sure their bodies stay at the right temperature. They have scaly skin and lay eggs on land (amphibians lay their eggs in the water).

We may consider turtles a great example of animals that can teach us how to take life at a slower pace, but remember that lots of sea turtles can swim faster than you can.

Any questions?