We’ve been looking forward to sharing with you the mystery and fun going on at the Minnesota Zoo. They’ve got a tiger on the loose! This not-so-real catastrophe is happily coinciding with our Zoobooks Big Cats issue, and it offers kids and parents alike the chance to follow a series of clues to try to find the missing tiger and return it to its enclosure. Once it is safe, how about working with the zoo to design and build a new exhibit to house it?

Ready to sit back on your laurels now? Well, you’re still not through. Tigers are seriously endangered, and the Minnesota Zoo wants you to work on creating a successful breeding program within their tiger population. Once you’ve succeeded,  the most dedicated of you are going to continue that work beyond the zoo’s walls, tracking poachers and tiger parts in India to help stop the bad guys and help save perhaps the most beautiful big cat on earth.

Lastly, you’re given the chance to BE the tiger. Do you have what it takes to survive poachers and shrinking habitat? We’re counting on you to make it out alive. Let us know how you did!