Playing around is a terrific way to get our children smiling. We make like elephants and march around the living room. We flap our ears. We even bend forward and sway our arms like a trunk. Don’t forget to let out a scream: terooot! Letting ourselves go makes for great silly time with our children.

Reading to a toddler is a launch pad for learning beyond the book. Children who are exposed to a rich vocabulary¬† early on learn more words. Zoobies Elephants gives us lots of engaging material to talk about. We like pointing to parts of the elephant’s body as we say the words. It’s fun, too, to use an expressive voice as we read the simple text. Try wiggling your finger up and down when reciting the verse in Zoobies aloud. Every time our children make a sound, we can repeat the sound to mimic a conversation. These simple interactive experiences will help boost children’s language development.