Few of us can personally visit all of the zoos in America, but almost all of us can visit online. And the National Zoo is clearly eager for online visitors!

Because our Zoobooks issue this month is Apes, we suggest you start with the zoo’s primate pages first. There you’ll find ape jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, fact sheets, e-cards, photo galleries, and a gorilla cam, just to get things going. If all that clicking doesn’t wear you out, move on to the pages that explain how some primates got their names; chances to “meet” the primate staff; and opportunities to learn about the individual apes housed there at the National Zoo. We guarantee you’ll have a swinging good time!

More seriously, the National Zoo is very concerned about and involved in ape conservation. Counting all species together, there are fewer than half a million apes left in the world. Educating children about apes and their value on our planet can only be positive, and this zoo, hand-in-hand with your Zoobooks issue, is a great place to start learning.