The letter “D” has never had such a fine showing as it has had this month in our newest Zootles issue, Dolphins. What do dolphins do? Doubtless, they dive deep. They dart away from danger. And in a way, they even dog-paddle!

Dolphins breathe through a blowhole, and breathing air with lungs is one of the biggest indicators that dolphins are mammals rather than fish. Fish swish their tails from side to side; dolphins swish theirs up and down. Their skin is smooth and rubbery, and protects them in cold water.

Dolphins can’t smile, but their mouths are shaped in such a way that they look happy. Maybe they are! They get to ride the waves like surfers, and sometimes leap in the wakes of large ships. They eat lots of their favorite foods–fish, squid, or octopus–by swallowing it whole.

Have you ever wondered if dolphins sleep? They do, but not the way we do. Dolphins float on one side and sleep with one eye open. After a while, they roll over to the other side and open the other eye. Now that’s the ultimate water bed!

Dolphins like to be with other dolphins, and we have the feeling that young Zootles readers are going to like being with dolphins, too. Let us know which of the fun facts in this issue were most popular at your house!