Hawaii is a part of the tropics, sure, but it’s not a place you would visit expecting to find tigers. Fortunately for vacationers, they aren’t roaming around free–instead they’re livening things up at the Honolulu Zoo.

We’re offering a great connection to a tiger quiz there at the zoo this week in our newsletter, the eSafari, and we highly recommend that you give it a try to test your tiger smarts. When you’re finished, the tiger fun isn’t over. The Honolulu Zoo is also offering a downloadable board game on tigers that will be a good time for the whole family.

That’s only the beginning of the enrichment opportunities through the zoo. Check out this page for a plethora of videos, photos, and stories on the enrichment activities that have been provided for the tigers there in Honolulu. And you can read the Zookeeper’s journal, too, to gain a more scientific handle on tigers and their plight as one of the fastest-disappearing animals on the earth.

Share with us any tiger nuggets you find on your own–it will be a great complement to your reading of this month’s Zoobooks issue, Tigers. Thanks, Honolulu Zoo!