Lots of animals at the Brookfield Zoo are trained in variety of cooperative behaviors, such as climbing onto a scale to be weighed, presenting a limb to have blood drawn, or taking medicine. The seals and sea lions at the zoo have one more behavior they can be proud of: they open their mouths and present their teeth for regular cleanings.

The Behavioral Husbandry Program at the Brookfield Zoo is the program that trains the animals to be involved and active in their own care. The happy result is pinnipeds with healthy, blackened teeth.

Did we say blackened teeth?

Absolutely. Seal and sea lion teeth are naturally white, but the teeth are coated with a beneficial and healthy bacteria that discolors them. Even the pinnipeds’ saliva is dark!

Read here all about the seals at the Brookfield Zoo, and you’ll not only become a master at identifying a few species, but you’ll be able to tell right away the difference between and seal and a sea lion. Happy Reading!