Have you ever heard of the Gaboon Viper? We recommend you check out the Atlanta Zoo’s video about this fascinating snake to learn more about it! You’ll even find some fun facts with the video – did you know Gaboon Vipers have the longest fangs of any venomous snake?

We know what you’re thinking now…yikes, doesn’t that mean these snakes are dangerous? Don’t worry, many snakes only use venom because it is a good way to capture prey. This is good news, because it means they would rather not waste it on an animal (you) that they cannot eat.

Today, we know that most snakes are harmless to man, but many people are still afraid of them. Our ancestors had the good sense to treat poisonous snakes with a healthy respect, but also to recognize that all snakes are marvelous creatures. We should learn to do the same.

You can start with a great idea from the Atlanta Zoo. Make your very own stuffed snake from a recycled necktie, so you can practice hanging out with a snake! Feel free to let us know how your craft turns out by posting a photo to our Facebook page!