“Whooo…whooo…” When we hear this familiar sound of an owl’s call it can send shivers down our spines. But why are owls such mysterious creatures? Perhaps an owl’s night habits are what make it seem so spooky. Owls fly silently, without even a whisper of wings moving through the air. It’s as though they appear out of nowhere – like ghosts on wings. What strange powers do owls possess that they can fly and hunt so easily on even the darkest of nights?


Owls possess unusual powers of sight and hearing, but they are not supernatural powers. They are natural adaptations that let them live most efficiently in their nocturnal environment. Owls have ideal bodies for night living. In fact, they have the best night vision of any creature on earth! Their hearing is even more remarkable. An owl can hear the tiny sound of a mouse stepping on a twig from 75 feet away. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Now you see why there is no real reason to fear owls. Their habits actually make them helpful to humans, for owls play a very important role in nature. By hunting rodents, insects, and small birds, owls help to maintain a natural balance of plant and animal life. If it weren’t for owls and other predators, the number of these animals would zoom out of control. Check out your latest issue of Zoobooks to read more about what makes owls so great!