It is rare to see a baby owl in the wild, but luckily for us, the Cincinnati Zoo has a baby Eurasian eagle owl featured on its website! Click here to watch a video all about this cute and fuzzy baby owl, Caspian. She’s currently just 5 weeks old, and since Eurasian eagle owls are some of the biggest owls in the world, Caspian will quickly grow to be much, much bigger.

Recognizing owls can be pretty easy – you just have to look for a round face, big eyes, and a sharp, hooked bill. The face is almost completely covered by two large discs, called facial discs. Many owls also have feathers sticking up on their heads that look like ears. These are called ear tufts.          Image  

It is not quite as easy to tell one kind of owl from another. You have to look carefully. For example, the Eurasian eagle owl and the great horned owl of North America share similarities of habit, vocalization, breeding biology, and appearance. Both have large ear tufts, and like most owls, their legs and feet are thickly covered with feathers that protect them from biting prey. Be sure to check out the Cincinnati Zoo’s Fact File about Caspian and her fellow Eurasian eagle owls so you can learn how to tell her apart from other owls!