P stands for… pretty, proud, peculiar, powerful, playful parrots! Some people say parrots love to hear and repeat “p words” such as “pretty parrot.” Parrots are pretty smart, but they can’t actually “talk” the way people do. They’re more like copycats. They repeat sounds and words they’ve heard – which must be why they like to repeat their own name so much!

Another fun fact you might not know about parrots is that they have four toes. Two point forward and two point backward. This gives them a very strong grip – so strong they can even hang upside-down! All parrots also have hooked beaks. A parrot uses its strong beak to crack hard nuts and sees, and uses the sharp hook at the tip to pull out the soft parts of the fruit.

Most parrots are brightly colored, but many have at least some green feathers, which help them stay hidden in the leaves of trees. Parrots need to keep these feathers clean and tidy to help them fly better and stay healthy. They use their beaks to get ruffled feathers back into place and get rid of dirt or bugs. This special bird-cleaning is called preening. Enjoy reading your newest Zootles issue to learn even more about parrots!