Penguins slide. Whoosh! Penguins dive. Splash! Penguins sing. Squawk!

Penguins aren’t the only ones on the go. Toddlers are pretty active, too! You can look for opportunities during your day to move like a penguin with your toddler. Waddle across a room to get a toy. Slide on a smooth surface to grab a snack. Scatter soft pillows or sheets of construction paper on the floor. Then hop like rock-hopper from one spot to another. Playtime is a great way to get your child smiling!

In the Language Boost section Zoobies Penguins, you can also find ways to make reading with your toddler tons of fun. When reading Zoobies aloud, look for opportunities to change the tone and pace of your reading. Don’t hesitate to add a little gusto here and there. Exaggerate size words – little, big, really big. Pause before turning pages to create a little suspense. Stretch out movement words, such as splaassssh. Expressive readings are magical – especially when a child is engaged in the moment. Such interactive reading experiences can even help boost your child’s language development.


For even more penguin fun, go to to watch live penguins waddling to the sea. Click on Secret Jungle. Use the password found in the Zoobies & You section, and then enter ZooTube. Enjoy!