As Zootles Parrots illustrates, some parrots build their nests in holes in the ground. Some peck holes in termite mounds. Most nest inside holes in trees. And generally you will only find parrots in areas where the weather is very warm.


Scientist Don Brightsmith studies scarlet macaws in Peru. He saw that people were cutting down the big rain forests where macaws like to build their nests. So Dr. Brightsmith invented a birdhouse that’s perfect for macaws. He cut holes in plastic pipes, inserted a metal disc at the bottom, and hung the pipes from tree branches. The macaws laid their eggs inside! Now Dr. Brightsmith can “drop in” on his birdhouses to make sure the baby macaws are healthy.

Though parrots only live in warm weather climates, you’ll find a lot of other birds in your yard or a park. To spot them, first open your ears. Often, you’ll hear a bird’s song before you see the bird. Once you spot a bird, use binoculars to look closer. What colors are its feathers? How big is it? To learn more about a bird you’ve seen, find its picture in a book. The book will tell you what the bird eats, where it lives, and how it makes its nest. What birds have you noticed near your home?