How big is an elephant? It’s really, really big! The elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Scientists measured one elephant that weighed more than a school bus full of children.

This month’s Zootles issue, Elephants, shares all kinds of fun facts about elephants, from trunk to tail. An elephant’s gray skin is thick and wrinkled, but it can still get sunburned. The elephant uses its long, skinny tail to swat at flies. A trunk is a very long nose for breathing and smelling. Like a hand, it carries food and water to the elephant’s mouth. Tusks are large pointed teeth used as weapons or digging tools. Elephant ears are as big as blankets! Elephants can spread their ears to look even bigger to scare other animals away. Wide, padded feet help elephants walk quietly.

All elephants have big bodies and swinging trunks, but did you know there are two different kinds of elephants? Here’s how you can tell them apart. The Asian elephant is smaller than the African elephant. It lives in the forests of Asia. An Asian elephant has small ears compared to an African elephant. Usually, just the males have tusks. The African elephant is the largest land animal in the world. It lives on the grassy plains and woodlands in Africa. African elephants have really big, fan-shaped ears. Both males and females have tusks.