Have you ever seen a mule deer before? If you’ve ever been to the San Diego Zoo, you certainly have! You must be wondering how you can tell if a deer is a mule deer—by their ears, of course. They have long ears that look like a mule’s, which is how they got their name.

Mule deer are just one of the many different kinds of deer living in forests and meadows throughout the world. There are about 36 species of deer, and among those species there are about 190 subspecies. In some ways, all these deer are similar in appearance. They have long necks, slender bodies, and long, thin legs. They have big eyes and ears, and hooves on their feet. Most male deer have antlers.

Despite their similarities, every species and subspecies is somewhat different. There are deer with big antlers, deer with small antlers, and deer with no antlers at all. Some deer have spots and some do not. There is also a wide range of sizes. The differences between the deer are what help them to live in different habitats around the world. To learn more about mule deer specifically, be sure to check out the San Diego Zoo’s fun and informative website!