Zoobies Turtles shows your toddler what turtles like to do. For example, a turtle pokes his head out when he wants to eat, and pulls it back in when he wants to sleep. To engage your toddler, try using hand movements to imitate a turtle pulling his head in and out, and talk about the colors and patterns on the turtle.

As you shop, try using new and interesting words to describe what you see. Some foods are round and bumpy (oranges), smooth and long (bananas), prickly (pineapples), hard and dry (coconuts), cold and wet (broccoli), and so on. It’s amazing how we can boost our little one’s vocabulary as we fill our shopping cart!

You can also try this twist on Hide and Seek. Show you child a familiar object, such as a stuffed animal or toy car. Then tell your child to close his eyes as you hide the object. Think of “just right” places—not too hard, not too easy—such as behind a couch, in a bookcase, on top of a counter, or under a table. When your child is ready, hide more and more objects. For some extra fun, have your child hide the object for you to find!