From the truly weird and to the truly wonderful, both the world and this month’s issue of Zootles Frogs are full of thousands of kinds of frogs. Because they come from many different environments and habitats around the planet, each kind of frog has its own unique appearance. For example, some frogs come in bright colors like red, yellow, blue, and green in order to warn other animals about their poisonous skin. Other frogs have dull colors that match their surroundings and allow them to blend in and hide from predators in their habitat.

Scientists like Dr. Tyrone Hayes have also discovered something about the color of frogs that can even help humans. He saw that many of the frogs around him that were usually green had turned red and spotted instead. This observation lead Dr. Hayes to investigate and find out that the frogs were living in dirty water that made them sick. He then figured out that frogs whose skin changes color in dirty water can help people tell whether or not certain water is safe to drink, even if it looks cleaner than it actually is.