Playing outside can be important to your child’s health. Outdoor activities such as family bike rides or walks through the park not only keep them active and fit, but allow them to have fun! Make up playful races and games to enjoy in the grass. Include plenty of lighthearted jumping, shuffling or tumbling, just like the bear cubs in this month’s Zoobies Bears. In fact, using such words such as shuffle, tumble, and tiptoe, rather than just run or walk, during playtime is a great way to boost your child’s language development and vocabulary at a young age.

Zoobies Bears also shows your child the many different foods bears eat. Ask your child if there are any types of food on their dinner plate that bears also eat. Then use different words to describe them, like sticky, juicy, sweet, or crunchy. Continue to use descriptive words throughout each day’s activities and events. When it’s time for a rest, build your child a cozy, bear-like den on the floor out of blankets and pillows. Use even more interesting words by telling your child a richly detailed story.